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Moorer: made in Italy

MooRER is an Italian firm that is defined as an independent project of the fashions of the moment, of a style in continuous evolution.

Art, curiosity and independence make the clothes of this Italian firm a synthesis of emotions and genius. All MooRER products have a relationship with stories, experiences and sensations. The creative process, its materials and accessories are in perfect balance to achieve a simple, clean and elegant style.

Elements, details and products that perfectly define this Italian firm. Their jackets and leisure coats are made of high quality materials and workmanship. You have to pay attention to the detail of a small pocket on the top of the garments of these clothes. The intent of this small detail is to put a handkerchief. A simple and elegant touch.

“I believe in the elegance of simplicity, in the elimination of the superfluous, that is why I am satisfied only with excellence. The desire is to always offer the best, with sobriety and class. ”

Moreno Faccincani - Moorer CEO