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Wearable art printed on fashion garments

There are few things that catch as much as art. This manages to awaken our imagination and creativity, feed our ability to innovate and change, as well as ignore differences, reach barriers and participate in ways that only social experiences allow us.

Limitato has a very defined philosophy. They believe that art should drive cultural change and lead expressions of collaboration. His collaborations break with the established and challenge the way in which art is usually appreciated by mixing the world of fashion with today.

The firm collaborates with some of the most relevant artists and photographers in the world. Select your pieces and turn them into, as they say, Limitato Wereable Art ’. His pieces are limited edition to offer that touch of originality, distinction and exclusivity.

Since 2015, Limitato works with the well-known photographer Terry O’Neil, thus laying the foundations for future projects inspired by his passion for art and photography and his desire to share it in the world of fashion. O'Neil has been at the forefront of creative fame for more than 50 years, photographing Limitato's most exclusive designs of movie and rock and roll legends like Rachel Welch or the late David Bowie.