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Jacob Cohën Jeans

Jacob Cohën stands out for its inimitable characteristics: comfort and high quality fabrics, as well as the exclusivity and elegance of its products. The vision of Jacob Cohën's garments is to create a suitable product even for the most formal moments, creating tight jeans that can be worn with a blazer.

The jeans stand out for their custom constructions and the perfect fit, the use of exclusive fabrics and their elegant details, which have always been a hallmark of the brand. In addition, this brand offers a wide variety of styles in the same garment, jeans.

According to your tastes and needs, Jacob Cohën jeans adapt to what you are looking for and the perfect idea of ​​good jeans. Jeans with a range of varied blues, white, beige and even gray. The Jacob Cohën clothing brand wants to give you a wide range of possibilities, from the most formal style to the most refined outwear. The important thing is your comfort.

Handmade jeans

The production process is carried out by hand with skillful manual processing and backed by the use of the most modern technology. The use of natural dyes and the absence of chemical processes in the fixation of color characterize all its collections.