Abrigos para invierno: MooRER en Miralles 1986

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Coats for winter: MooRER in Miralles 1986

The Italian firm MooRER is at your fingertips in our shop in Valencia, Miralles 1986. We offer winter coats that protect you from cold, rain and wind. It is a clothing brand with sports airs, but, in turn, with style and sober forms, with high quality materials, exclusive garments and handcrafted.

MooRER makes coats, parkas, vests and quilted jackets with its own unique style. This brand conveys the “Made in Italy” values, elegance, luxury and, unquestionably, the quality in each of its garments. At first glance, their coats attract attention for their functionality and simplicity. They are ideal coats for winter, for the days of rain, wind and cold. The utility and comfort is indisputable since they are the clear example that "less is more". Sober coats as the main image but complete when you wear them.

Each of these garments is worked with an unbeatable quality, natural materials that have created a unique garment taken care of to the smallest detail. Each MooRER coat is unique for all the work behind it: quality materials, handmade clothing, Italian style and unbeatable comfort.

Italian coats with style: MooRER and its quality

If you are looking for a coat, parka or vest that is comfortable, sober and stylish, the Italian brand MooRER has what you are looking for. In our 1986 Miralles store we offer several models that adapt to these characteristics and the trends of this autumn / invention. The coats that will make you fall in love with their style and, without hesitation, for high quality, warmth and for their exhaustive care.

Talking about MooRER garments is synonymous with style without stridency, exclusivity with city airs and luxury in each of its details. Ready-made outdoor coats, designed for a city man who works in large cities, dynamic and adapts to any winter temperature. The Brett-sh jacket is a clear example of "less is more".

Quality and craftsmanship in each stitch

MooRER is a brand that fits the ideals and styles of Miralles 1986. Take care of the details to the millimeter, although at first glance we see that they have a sober style and without stridency. We must highlight the preparation of these garments for their handmade made it. This implies that each garment that we can offer you is worked in a conscious, unique and individual way.

The coats, parkas or feathers of the Italian brand are designed, made and made with feather of Siberian geese. An exclusive and quality material that makes these coats qualified as luxurious garments. In addition, the outer fabric has been thought, studied and created to be garments that adapt to day to day outdoor. For winter, this material is perfect for insulating cold, moisture and wind.

The cold is not a problem with MooRER coats

With the arrival of winter, a MooRER coat is going to be the best choice for any man's daily routine. Isolated from the cold, rain and wind, with the garments of this Italian brand, your day to day will be more comfortable and dynamic.

There is a perfect balance between the materials of the MooRER down, coats and parkas and the sports and sober style of the brand. Do not forget that the surface material of these jackets insulates you from the cold, protects you from the wind and protects you from the rain.

And, finally, it should be noted that each of the coats filled with the highest quality feathers has been made and worked with a unique care such as the traditional method.

Details to the millimeter: nothing is randomized

Did you know that MooRER makes its garments using cutting-edge technology? The Italian brand has made each of its winter coats through a previous study. In its logistics department, MooRER has developed a comprehensive analysis to meet the needs of any man in his day to day.

Quality materials, simple shapes, sports airs and millimeter details. We are talking about garments designed for leisure, for the routine of a city man, who walks in winter and does not want to be cold.

When we say that the details of MooRER's winter coats have a lot to say, it is not something we should overlook. Some examples of these details are the Zayn-op model pocket. It is a wink in the style of Italian fashion. This type of pockets in the front of the coats, simple and aesthetic, are placed at that height, with that measure and with that shape to be able to resemble the pockets that we can see in the suits as we made in Miralles 1986. Imagine add a silk scarf to your MooRER winter coat: style, luxury and elegance in your outwear garment.

More details to highlight, the laces that make up all Parkas and MooRER coats combine elegance, functionality and style. Designed to protect you from the wind and protect you from the cold. That no gust of wind plays you a last shovel.

Front locks and double metal zippers with zippers. Its side trim pockets have been included in each garment to be able to close securely and effectively with quality zippers. Snap buttons with the naked eye, but designed to create an unquestionable secrecy.

Heat categories: MooRER adapts to your needs

Going cold with the winter coats of MooRER is practically impossible. They are designed to protect you from the cold, even with temperatures up to 30 degrees below zero. A characteristic of the Italian brand is its informative labels. In them you can see a code with different categories of heat that these garments offer and ensure.

The cold insulation categories of MooRER winter coats are simple and effective. In category "A" you will find the lightest garments, adapted and designed for temperatures without excessive cold or adverse weather conditions such as wind or rain. The “A” category would be perfect for halftime in Valencia. A stable time, with the arrival of punctual cool temperatures but that a lighter jacket can fulfill its function.

On the other end, MooRER coats that have the "C" category. These garments are designed for winter. Jackets, coats, parkas and down that want to protect you from the cold, wind and rain with their materials designed and adapted to these weather conditions.

Miralles 1986 think about you and your needs

Our 1986 Miralles store, located in the center of Valencia, offers a great variety of coats, jackets and parkas that adapt to your needs, tastes and style. In addition, we have the experience that suits us in tailored suits, made in a personalized way and with the attention to detail that it deserves.

Luxury, stylish and outdoor clothing, at Miralles 1986 we want you to feel comfortable while wearing one of our clothes. All the brands we work with and offer show our idea of ​​fashion, comfort and style that any man needs.

Know everything we can offer you in Miralles 1986, pamper yourself with fashion and look for the highest quality you deserve in our establishment. If you want to know more about us and how we work, do not hesitate to come see us. We want to meet you, advise you and find what you are looking for.

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